Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Morning Light in Fallbrook

I just spent a week up in Fallbrook at a workshop by Libby Tolley. What a fantastic experience! Libby is an extremely talented artist and instructor. We focused a lot on design- moving the eye around the painting. I tried to really keep this in mind as I was working on this piece.

I fell in love with Fallbrook. There are so many beautiful spots up there- I will definitely be returning, brushes in tow. Last week, we had lots of gorgeous clouds giving us terrific light and shadow. Hope I captured the feel of the day.

Morning Light in Fallbrook, 12x12, oil on linen


mario said...

The painting looks very nice and familiar. This is Stephanie, I was at the workshop with you in Fallbrook. I agree with everything you wrote, it was a great experience and I'm slowly reading through her book to help sink in all we heard. Unfortunatly when I paint it kind of flies out the window and I don't see the values or the composition as clearly as I would like - too busy transcribing... I guess I've got to paint more. Keep in touch and let me know if you need a paint buddy one early morning 619 719-6788 or 858 549-1158.

Happy painting - Stephanie

Liz Abeyta said...

Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for "stopping by." I'd love to get out there and paint. I'll get in touch. Happy painting!