Saturday, January 6, 2007

About Plein Maps

This is a project I've had in mind for a while now. I finally gave it a go and I think it's a successful start. I can take info on nice PA locations, with details, and possibly (hopefully) photos of the location. Now if we can just get everyone to share their favorites!


Danny Griego said...

Hi Liz
Good idea! I have a document I can send you filled with places to paint in San Diego county, complete with facility info. Send your email and I can forward you a copy if you are interested. Your paintings are looking great!

Liz Abeyta said...

Thanks Danny. I've been thinking about the map for a while- finally did something about it. Diane forwarded me a doc yesterday (I think it originated from you). I'll be updating the map in coordination with the 'Local Places' page on the Sage Group site, which Diane is currently updating. Not sure yet how I'll do it, but I'm having fun.

I haven't been painting much lately, but I'm going to be taking the Plein Air class offered by Watts and I'm really excited. I know you've studied with them for several years- and I love what you're doing. I can't wait!