Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Quartermass-Stensrud House

Painted today from the backyard. This is the house across the street- the Quartermass-Stensrud House. It's being restored by our neighbors and they have undertaken a huge project in this 100 year old Colonial-style hipped cottage. Here's an article written about the restoration:

Quartermass-Stensrud House, 11x14 oil on prepared board


william wray said...

Palm Trees are drawn very well, they are tough to do.

tonypetersart said...

Very nice painting, Liz.

I'm a painter here in San Diego too. Stop by my blog and say hi.

Liz Abeyta said...

Thanks William. I had fun with them. The house- well it was a challenge for me. I need some instruction from you on the knife work!

Liz Abeyta said...

Tony, thanks for looking in. San Diego's a great place for inspiration. I took a look at your blog- nice work.